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Background Screening fee is $25.00 for each adult 18 yrs & over. Do not send in fee until we contact you.

*This fee is non-refundable*

Visit for more affordable housing opportunities.

Applications also available at 655 Park Ave, Freehold NJ, 07728

Interested households are required to submit the application with income information in order to qualify.  Applicants will be required to demonstrate the ability to pay the required security deposit – 1st month’s rent and agree to maintain the apartment as the household’s primary residence.

Laurel Green Apartments

1 Courtney Way

Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054

DM Compliance Services
Income qualifying applicants for Affordable Housing

Phone: 732-780-8314                    Fax: 732-409-7410

*Now Available:

1 Bedroom Moderate & 2 Bedroom Low Unit ONLY*