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Background Screening fee is $25.00 for each adult 18 yrs and over.
 Do not send in fee until we contact you.

​*This fee is non-refundable*

Visions at absecon - FAMILIES
3 School View Dr.
​Absecon NJ, 08201

The wait list for this property is currently closed until further notice.

​​*DISCLAIMER* Please do not contact the Mi-Place at the Shore complex regarding the Visions at Absecon properties. The management company for Mi-Place has no information regarding the application process, income requirements, wait list or other inquiries you may have regarding the Visions buildings.

Please contact DM Management with any questions and we would be happy to help!


Interested households are required to submit the application with income information in order to qualify.  Applicants will be required to demonstrate the ability to pay the required security deposit - 1st month’s rent and agree to maintain the apartment as the household’s primary residence.